Velva school sweepstakes winner

11/07/13 (Thu)

Jo Ashley entered the school in The Puffs & Bounty Back to School sweepstakes, sponsored by Procter & Gamble. According to Superintendent Dave Schoch, a letter sent to Principal Ryan Harty informed him that Velva had won the grand prize.
That prize consists of a year’s supply of Puffs tissues and Bounty paper towels. That translates to 2,160 boxes of regular Puffs (96 count a box) and 4,160 regular rolls of Bounty paper towels. Ashley also won a year’s supply for her family.
P&G reports that, on average, elementary teachers go through 37 boxes of tissues in their classrooms each school year. That means the grand prize certainly provides enough “nose wipes” and mess “picker-uppers” to keep the school’s 425 students supplied for the winter, and probably the remainder of the school year!