Wet conditions delay spring work

6/04/09 (Thu)

Massive snow melt and spring flooding have left farmers scrambling to get this year’s crop in the ground. With the saturated cropland and standing water still evident in m1any areas of the county, producers are finding it difficult to get in the field.
“It depends on the part of the county,  but a number of areas are still drying out,” said McHenry County Extension Agent Raquel Dugan-Dibble. “Upham and Granville are still pretty wet, and the Velva and Voltaire areas got hit pretty hard.”
In visiting with producers and crop insurance agents, Dibble said there could “easily” be 20 percent of the county preventative planting.
“We’re starting to see a lot of rotation changes, especially as it gets later in the planting season,” she added. “It’s getting pretty late.”
On top of the already saturated situation, occasional rain showers have only added to the problem.
“Things were going good in the Karlsruhe area, then a couple weeks ago they got an inch to an inch-and-a-half or rain,” Dibble said. “It bought them to standstill.”
Rain is in the forecast again this week, and threatens to halt the already tardy spring planting and spraying season.
“The sad part is, the pastures could use some rain and some sunshine,” Dibble said. “But then you don’t want rain right now because you want these guys to get the seed in the ground.”