Work plugging along

9/24/09 (Thu)

As frustration mounts among drivers, pedestrians and business owners, work on Velva’s Main Street project picks up the pace.
Underground work was being double-teamed on south Main this week, as crews worked back-to-back hooking up water and sewer to businesses on the west side of the street. One outfit was digging and tapping into the lines while another followed closely, filling in with dirt and tamping the ground.
The push is on to complete at least the southernmost block of Main, allowing Central Avenue to reopen to traffic. With the advent of harvest and school, the closure of the busy intersection has been a burden for all.
Drivers are reminded to stay back from the intersection when stopping for the red light on Central, as northbound big rigs attempting to make the corner to the elevator need a wide berth. Truck traffic is heavy with harvest well underway, and a number of close calls at the intersection have been noted.
Another traffic problem was addressed at Tuesday morning’s contractor’s meeting as Velva Mayor Cindy Shattuck inquired about the lighted intersections at Second and Fourth Avenues.
“The light is short, but I think traffic is getting backed up because of the slopes on the street,” she said. “People are really slowing down, sometimes stopping, because the slope is so sharp. Then only one or two cars have time to get through.”
Justin Thurn of Keller Paving admitted the slopes are steep, but said leveling them off could be problematic.