Aggies pummel Holsteins

11/05/08 (Wed)

The Aggies opened last Saturday’s quarterfinal playoff game with a big bang, and then kept right on rolling. Their formidable defense held New Salem/Glen Ullin to -7 yards rushing and shut down the Holsteins’ red zone offense as they beat NS 33-0.
While the Holsteins carried the ball 29 times and ended up with negative yardage, the Aggies put down 214 rushing yards in 37 carries.
“Obviously, our defense just didn’t give them a breath of fresh air,” said Velva Head Coach Larry Sandy. “They just smothered them.”
Sandy added that it probably helped that Holstein standout, tight end Jarad Wolf, went out of the game with an injury, but he’s not sure it changed the game’s end result.
“It’s hard to tell, they may have gotten on the scoreboard if Wolf hadn’t got hurt,” Sandy said. “But I don’t know if it would have changed the outcome of the game.”
The Aggies stepped up early when running back Collin Kittelson took the first possession of the game and pounded out 58 yards enroute to the endzone, putting a touchdown on the board just 17 seconds into the game. A quick kick from Sam Schultz put the score at 7-0.