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College catch up: Steph Ziegler

Steph Ziegler will be a junior at UND this fall. During her first two years on campus, she was a member of the UND volleyball team

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College Catchup: Austin Cieslak

Austin Cieslak dominated North Dakota Class A football and helped Hazen win the state title during the 2013 fall.

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College Check in: Autumn Johnson

Autumn Johnson played a key part of Hazen’s run to three-straight state tournament berths during the 2014 season.

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Hazen Post 189 picks up counter win

Hazen picked up an important region counter win at home against Hettinger last week.

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Hazen rally falls short against Beulah

Hazen struggled to overcome Beulah’s first inning outburst last week.

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Hazen baseball bounces back

Hazen Post 189 went into a funk last week.

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Hazen using state golf as springboard

Hazen golfers headed to the Class B state meet last week.

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Hazen track accomplishes mission

Everyone pondered it from the start of the season. Could Hazen 4-peat as state track and field champions.

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Hazen has rough start at regionals

Hazen was right were they wanted to be on opening day of the Region 8 tourney.

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Hazen picks up region counter win

Hazen had a lucky play to go their way the first time they met with Washburn/Wilton/Center-Stanton early this year for a close win.

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