We always say we can print anything. We print newspapers -- our own and those of some of our neighboring publishers. Newspapers were our beginning and we take the business of producing quality community newspapers seriously.

We don't stop with newspapers. Business cards to flyers to books are professionally designed and printed on our seven-unit web press and smaller two- and four-color presses. Viking Screen Prints is one of our sister businesses that handles everything from signs to shirts to advertising speciality items. Whether it's a business card or a embroidered jacket, we aim to make you look good.

To give you a little taste of who we are -- both talented and fun -- here's our A to Z of all that BHG Inc. has to offer you.


“I would like to make an announcement.”
“Armenian armoires.”
“Armenian armoires?!”
“Armenian armoires. Yes, that’s the kind of thing a store that has everything from A to Z would have. But we just sold our last Armenian armoire to Leona Hilbert’s grandma. Could I instead, interest you in... picture plaques to honor your favorite athlete?”


Buttons. Not button, button, button, who’s got the button, all kind of buttons. Campaign buttons, promotional buttons, any kind of attention-drawing button you can imagine.


Computers, accessories. BHG Inc. began computerizing its offices 40 years ago. So we know just what you need in the way of computer accessories - mouse pads, toner cartridges, jump drives and all those neat gadgets you just can't live without.

Dedicated service to our many printing customers. We'll help our design staff create the right file to send to the Garrison printing plant. We print for several newspapers, companies and organizations.

Embroidered jackets, shirts, towels, headbands, and T-shirts. You name it, we can screen print or add embroidery to jazz up your wardrobe.


Flyers. Flyers, full color bound books, letterhead, envelopes, high school annuals, telephone books, directories, calendars -- from pocket-size to posters, notepads, raffle tickets or brochures.


“Gee whiz. What don’t you have?”
“Armenian armoires. Don’t you remember?”


Hard, really hard logos that you need to help your company get the recognition it deserves. Our creative staff can give you just what you’ve been searching to develop.


“I didn’t know I could get all this without leaving town?”
“We’re firm believers in supporting our communities through hometown shopping. We hope you are, too."
Internet presence. We help you market your business through web site ads to give that additional exposure you need.


Jackets and jerseys. Socks with your favorite team logo. T-shirts for the next family reunion. Sweatshirts sporting your organization’s logo. Viking Screen Prints, a division of BHG, Inc. can embroider or screen print your favorite design or message on practically anything.


Karma. No, we don’t sell it. We have it. We have that aura that you want from a company you’re doing business with. It comes from hiring talented, caring people who want to provide you with the best possible service and product. (Sorry, Shirley McLain no longer works here.)


Lighted signs or any kind of sign your business might need to give it to the attention it needs. Viking Screen Prints, a division of BHG, Inc., can provide you with about any kind of sign you can imagine.

Mailings. BHG Inc. was the first newspaper in the state to barcode its mailing labels. You know, those funny series of lines that only the postal service could have dreamt up. We barcoded our mailing labels to cut our mailing costs and keep subscription prices from rising at a rate less than the national debt. BHG, Inc. is quite proficient at mailing your newsletter, promotional piece or catalog. We can sort, label, bundle and mail first, second or third class. We’ll even help you barcode your list for you.


Newspapers--we almost forgot! We publish 9 community newspapers in west central North Dakota: McLean County Independent in Garrison, Beulah Beacon, Hazen Star, Underwood News, Center Republican, The Leader-News in Washburn, McClusky Gazette, New Town News and Mountrail County Record in Parshall and Central McLean News-Journal in Underwood and Underwood-Turtle Lake. We also publish the Coal Country Dollar Saver, a free distribution newspaper serving Mercer, Oliver and Dunn counties, and The Xtra, serving McLean County.


Odd ball gifts and promotional items like company-logoed laptop cases and can coolers. Yes, and even stress-relieving scrunch balls on a key chain.


Prices that are competitive with other suppliers. Try us. 


Quotes. Free quotes on everything from A to Z.


Rural. That’s where we come from. And that’s what we believe in. We buy tickets to every American Legion sausage supper, Firemen’s breakfast and even have been known to eat a little lutefisk at a church benefit. We’re strong supporters of economic development efforts and are the first on the bandwagon to raise money for a hospital remodeling, Chamber of Commerce interests and walleye derbies. We call ourselves “a family of family newspapers,” but mostly we’re just people like you working to make rural North Dakota a better place to live.


Smiles. You’ll enjoy doing business with us.


Tushie cushions. You know those cute cushions that keep your lower end from getting cold on those metal bleachers when you’re watching your Nephew Johnnie make the winning touchdown. While we’re warming you up, try the hooded fleece jackets, all from Viking Screen Prints, a division of BHG Inc.


Utterly impressive full color printing. Our printers pride themselves on creating a lasting impression for you, your company or your organization.


Volume discounts are available on printing, office supplies and screen printing. We aim to please!


Wedding invitations. And everything that you need to go with them. Napkins, wedding announcements, guest books and matches.


Xtra advertising opportunities in two free distribution newspapers to complement your newspaper advertising. The Xtra serves McLean County, while the Coal Country Dollar Saver serves Mercer, Dunn and Oliver counties.


Yes. That’s our favorite word. It comes from owners, managers and employees who care if you get the kind of service and products you deserve.


“Z’ats it.”
“What do you mean z’ats it?”
“What more can you say after you’ve covered everything from A to Z??!”