November 9, 2016

2K Meats & More approaches obstacles

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s city planning and zoning were approached by 2K Meats & More owner Keith Bohn on how he can keep his business in town. Currently, under federal regulations, Bohn has potential to lose 80 percent of his business if he cannot comply. Although these regulations have been in place for a decade they have yet to be enforced.
Bohn presented the long and short version of the regulation being that he is no longer allowed to slaughter animals out in the country for someone who doesn’t own that animal.
Which means he would have to slaughter the animal at his business. Now, this is something Bohn already does but with small animals. Currently what 2K Meats has set up is a processing facility. This is used for him to skin and eviscerate (gut) hogs, lambs, and goats.
The new procedures for beef at 2K Meats would go as proposed: Producer drops off animals into a trailer which is already located at 2K Meats, animal would be transferred to second trailer for killing, once unconscious by the use of a 22 Magnum rifle animal would be hoisted into the building using a cable hoist system, animal would be bled into a catch basin, animal would be placed on rack for skinning, animal would be hoisted to do evisceration as well as skinning, and lastly, the animal carcass would be cleaned and placed on a rail system.
“Basically, at this point in time, what I’m asking is for - I don’t really have anywhere to go - I’ve been allowed to do goats, hogs, and lambs here on site in the past, but never any beef,” explained Bohn.


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