November 30, 2016

2K Meats & More searches for temporary solutions

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

City officials have been working toward finding temporary solutions to keep Beulah’s 2K Meats & More up to federal code – which according to Keith Bohn only recently started to be enforced around the state.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke opened the discussion, informing Beulah City Council of a prior conversation he had with 2K Meats & More Owner Keith Bohn. Previously, the council and officials thought the only route to proceed was to change city ordinances. However, through Bjerke’s presentation, he stated if they were to change ordinances there still was a chance of the facility not being satisfactory to slaughter nonetheless.
“It sounds like if we got all of our rules and ordinances changed it may not be satisfactory anyway,” said Bjerke. He continued on to recall the conversation and that Bohn was potentially looking for a letter of support from the city. He then gave the floor to Bohn to fill in the blanks.

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