September 2, 2015

3rd Avenue project purchase ready?

By Kate Johnson

These are pretty exciting times” says Mayor Darrell Bjerke, referencing all the happenings to come in the Beulah area.
The 3rd Ave. project is seeing progress and moving forward from what was started several years ago. The piece of land with so much promise and potential is finally seeing the light -- holding a bright future again.
Owen Voigt, lead developer of the 3rd Ave. project, enjoys taking things that are broken and putting them back together. Hearing through a developer friend that Beulah had a project that was in default, Voigt was ready and eager to get his hands dirty in a new project for him and his crew. Structurally and paperwork-wise, the project had a bit of clean-up to do. Once the paperwork portion was tidied and out of the way, Voigt and his workforce got to down to business.  
Voigt noted there was a bit of clean-up to do once he and his crew first arrived on site last April, making a point that he likes to keep his workplace clean and safe for the city.
Voigt’s crew has been split between finishing Barton Estates and 3rd Ave., Barton Estates being a prior commitment and which is near completion itself.  A pipe crew -- water and sewer – is putting in the work over on 3rd Ave. and a road crew has been working at Barton Estates.
Voigt sees 3rd Ave. as a great piece of land and has been excited to get the chance to work on such a project.
“We are fortunate as developers that this development is in such a great spot,” said Voigt, gazing out at the project and its surroundings.

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