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March 28, 2018

8th graders gather for Scrub Camp

By Kate Johnson

Nursing services, respiratory services, medical providers, behavioral health, nutrition, social services, emergency medical, rehabilitation services – all of these categories in health were stations during the area 8th grade scrub camp.
Eighth graders gathered from Beulah, Hazen, Killdeer and Center. They came together to learn about the medical field and see if maybe it would be for them.
The stations were broken up into nine different areas, with around a dozen kids to each station and 150 kids in total. Each station had around 15 minutes to become educated on that area of expertise and took up nearly an eight hour day.
Station 1
This station was headed by the area emergency medical services. Students learned the use of a tourniquet and were educated on where in history they first popped up. It was explained that a tourniquet is used to stop severe bleeding in an extremity wound.
There were two stations within station one, one side being the tourniquet and the other being a SIM-ND. Which was a simulation of a a real infant, that students were able to touch. This simulation is for training purposes in pre-hospital and hospital and encompasses the highest quality emergency medical education for rural areas.

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