July 5, 2017

A bloodline of hunting fish

By Kate Johnson

Have you ever stalked a fish? Known its routine and where it beds down for the night? Dawson Dutchuk does. Dawson has been hunting fish since he was the ripe age of two years old.
It is a combination of gift, skill, and what’s in his blood. He is a fifth-generation fisherman, learning everything he knows from his father, Kurt Dutchuk.
Recently Dawson dedicated five days to the hunt and capture of a 33-inch walleye in the Knife River near Beulah.
Heading into his freshman year at Beulah High School, Dawson is filling his summer working during the day and spending his evenings on the river with friends. Dawson said they do minimal fishing, just leaving their fishing poles on the bank while they swim and walk the river.
Throughout the duration they would catch a number of what any avid fisherman would call “crappy fish.”
Tuesday night, near the end of their river adventures Dawson’s line snagged on what he thought was a log, based on the weight tugging on his line. However, has he continued to reel in his line, what was on the other end began to fight. Dawson thought it was maybe another carp; however, it was when his eye caught the top dorsal fin of the fish that Dawson’s adrenaline kicked in.

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