December 6, 2017

A Christmas Tradition that almost wasn’t

By Kate Johnson

For decades Beulah has been lit up at the center of downtown with a beacon of Christmas. The Christmas tree tradition almost wasn’t this year.
Beulah City Council members Kathy Kelsch and Clyde Schulz explained to city council that they were struggling finding services to help place the Christmas tree. They had picked out a tree, but had no way to lift it into place.
The tree has been a Beulah tradition for decades. At one time, the community gathered to sing songs around the tree, with an annual tree-lighting ceremony.
“It was a real struggle, mostly everyone was willing but, because of not having operators on hand, scheduling issues, we kind of exhausted all the options,” explained Kelsch.
When she called Lake View Services, at first they were unable to assist the city because of scheduling conflicts and their busy schedule.
“I didn’t have an operator because we are really busy, but then I got my relief operator who only had one time slot to do it,” said Carla Poeckes, Lake View Services.
Originally the city had a tree picked out that they would be using; however a better tree arose that was smaller and more convenient. Brett Baardson donated the tree that was located on the corner of 2nd and 16th in Beulah. Kelsch explained that this tree was kind of obstructing the view there, so it needed to come down. However, the beautiful tree was then able to be the city’s Christmas tree.

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