October 5, 2016

A community working to prevent bullying

By Kate Johnson

The Beulah School District has been taking an active stance on bullying prevention. This past week, students from the elementary, middle and high schools all gathered to lend each other a hand in the “Stand up, Speak Out, End Bullying” kick-off.
Did you know that Beulah holds higher percentages in bullying that the North Dakota state average? According to the 2015 North Dakota Statewide High School Youth Risk Behavior Results, 32.7 percent of Beulah High School students have been bullied, compared to the state average of 24 percent. Twenty percent of Beulah High School students have been electronically bullied, compared to the 15.9 percent state average. Ten percent of Beulah High School students have been teased or called names because of their sexual orientation compared to the 9.7 percent state average.
Through the guidance of high school Principal Kevin Hoherz, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program has been implemented into each school, first by training the staff and then the staff training the students. Each week there are group sessions held that are student led.
This tie-dying event was held as a community kick off to prevent bullying.

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