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June 12, 2019

A difficult balance for city assessments

By Daniel Arens

As the Mercer County Commission looks at property values in incorporated cities and rural residences in order to bring them into the 90 to 100 percent range of the state’s market value, it must balance fairness with the widely varying values that sales in those towns reflect.
During a board of equalization meeting held June 5 at the county courthouse in Stanton, the commission reviewed the six cities in Mercer County, with wide fluctuation in what different towns were reporting.
Stanton itself came in within the accepted range at 96.88 percent of market value. The Stanton City Commission, prompted by a resident who attended their meeting, requested the county allow the city to reduce that value to the lowest acceptable amount of 90 percent. Mercer County Land Use Administrator Cyndi Zueger stressed the commission should treat the different towns the same.


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