September 12, 2018

A final preliminary

By Daniel Arens

Preseason is wrapped up for football this season, and the regular season has literally kicked off. At the same time, the preliminary discussions on the budget finished last Wednesday, and now comes the wait before final discussion determines the outlook for Mercer County in 2019.
True, there is the possibility of discussions going past the upcoming Sept. 19 meeting. The commission has until Oct. 10 to finalize the budget, and if considerations at the next meeting show more discussion would be valuable, the commission can choose to hold off on final approval until another point before that October deadline date.
However, the Sept. 19 meeting is the public hearing on the budget, and once that hearing is complete, the commission is free to make its final approval at any point it chooses. There is a definite possibility that the final decision will be made once that hearing is complete.

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