May 13, 2010

A solution for Beulah flooding?

A new solution to Beulah’s flooding problem may be on the horizon.

Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed will be meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers this week and other officials to explore the feasibility of building a permanent floodwall to protect the south side of Beulah from floods on the Knife River

Reed told the Mercer County Commission that she has met with Heinz Munz, president of the EKO USA, manufacturer of the EKO Flood System. The EKO system is a removable flood wall that can be raised quickly if a flood is expected and removed when the danger is passed. All that remains is the concrete foundation, which Reed described as being similar to a bike or walking path. The company would also install a mesh fabric ground covering to control erosion on the banks of the Knife.

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