July 26, 2016

Ambulance talks dollars and cents

By Kate Johnson

Compared to three years ago this is the best budget we've ever had,” says Duane Scheurer to the rest of the Mercer County Ambulance board. The group looked over the financial reports, budgets, potential grants, and the current benefit package and its premiums, as well as touching on future training and appreciation events.

Darrold Bertsch ran through the revenue sheet for the board, highlighting certain areas of interest and noting where they will be bringing money in. He carried on to discuss the budget and where money will be spent over the course of 2017. Averaging out salaries and predicting a 3 percent increase in wages, he also noted that computers will need to be updated in the near future. The board talked about the potential of putting the computers on a rotation where they replace a different one annually. Scheurer commended the budget for being so itemized and the revenue matching the expenses.

We got a lot of things in there, line items that were never in there before, to account for some of those expenses,” says Scheurer.

The budget estimated receiving $255,000 from Mercer County.

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