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January 11, 2017

Advisory Committee fixes whoopsy

By Jarann Johnson
A very odd and peculiar thing happened between the end of October and the start of the New Year. The Advisory Spending Committee to Beulah’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) reached an agreement on the budget they wanted to present to the Beulah City Council.
The only problem was, the Beulah City Council never saw that approved budget. Instead, City Council approved a budget the Advisory Spending Committee never approved nor agreed to.
The CVB Advisory Spending Committee is comprised of Ben Lenzen, Jerry Isaak, Don Pierce, Mike Hammerschmidt, and John Phillips.
Lenzen, a Beulah City Council member, accepted his role in the mishap concerning the CVB budget, which draws funds from lodging and hospitality tax collections. Lenzen said he didn’t thoroughly read the motion he proposed at City Council and failed to realize it wasn’t the Advisory Committee’s suggestion.
“Let me start with that. Is everybody seeing this – what came out? I made a motion to adopt this and I shouldn’t have. I didn’t read it as thoroughly as I should have and I thought it was what we had talked about at the meeting, which was 100 percent of the lodging tax and 50 percent of the hospitality tax,” Lenzen said.


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