March 11, 2015

Agreement reached on County 25

By Chris Erickson

Some hauling is going to happen on County Road 25 to the construction effort of Coyote Creek Mine now that an agreement is in place between the mine and Mercer County.
Coyote Creek President Jim Melchior brought the request before the county commission at last week’s regular meeting, where he and commissioners discussed the road before the request ultimately found unanimous approval.
Melchior began by speaking about the weight limit in place as the mine would need larger loads delivered in the coming months, including parts for the erection of its dragline, and both a backhoe and crane that exceeded the road weight limits but would be needed for mine shop construction. Much of the other equipment, Melchior said, would be lighter than 65,500 pounds. He asked for blanket approval for trucks in the next couple months instead of having to permit each one individually.
County Engineer Steve Mamer said permits typically weren’t issued while frost laws were in place and, even through there will be an agreement in place between the two entities, his recommendation would be that every truck over 65,500 pounds needed to be individually permitted.
Melchior stated that, because the road would be in use the most by mine personnel or traffic going to the facility, the mine would be responsible for the upkeep, especially if the road was damaged.

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