April 12, 2017

Ambulance Board crunches expansion

By Kate Johnson

The Mercer County Ambulance Board has been talking about a Hazen facility expansion for nearly a year. However, the day is hedging closer to where that project may begin.
During the most recent ambulance meeting, co-manager Marcy Sailer presented the board with the latest estimated costs and additions from a local contractor they have been in talks with. The topic of discussion was whether they want to put the project out on bids. If the project was estimated at $100,000 or more, they would be required to put it out on bids. If the project came in under that number, they wouldn’t have to.
With the numbers and additions that sat in front of them the project would have to be placed on bids. Sailer told the board that it was really up to them if they wanted to reduce the cost or not. Chairwoman Rhonda Pfenning asked the managers of the ambulance service, Sailer and Codi Soland, what their suggestions were.
Sailer presented that if they wanted to keep it under $100,000 they would have to remove just more than $10,000 in work or keep it as is and place it on bids. The question was asked if they could place some of the work on bids -- electrical, plumbing -- however, Soland informed that she believed the whole project still had to come in under $100,000, whether a portion was bid or not.
Soland shared that one place to cut cost is to lower the wall height from 10 feet to 8 feet, which would subtract $2,600.


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