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May 31, 2017

Ambulance cleans up old business

By Kate Johnson

Ambulance Manager Marcy Sailer stated in an ambulance board meeting that the Hazen expansion has officially broken ground. The conversation that started well over a year ago is finally seeing dirt being moved.
However, the board had to go back and tighten up their minutes by making some motions that never took place. Sailer brought up project approval.
“I know we talked about it, but couldn’t remember making a motion to approve it,” said Sailer.
The board tried to reminisce of early discussion days and if motions were made once upon a time. However, it was stated that nothing formal was found in the minutes. The motion and its approval were crucial and required by their stipulations to the ambulance receiving a loan from the Rural Development Finance Corporation. Sailer noted they did attempt to receive the full amount of $93,800; however, they were only allowed to ask for half so she had to reapply. The amount received would be $46,928 at 1 percent interest over the next 10 years.


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