August 30, 2017

Ambulance reconfigure health insurance

Mercer County Ambulance
By Kate Johnson

Currently ambulance employees only pay 12 percent of their Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage, where their employer pays 88 percent. There was heavy discussion this week at the Mercer County Ambulance Board meeting, on how to change those percentages to help the ambulance get away from the “red” in their budget.
Board Member Renae Snyder was tasked with presenting other options to the board.
“We are not going to balance the budget, but we could get closer to making a change -- our budget is pretty in the red right now,” said Synder.
Currently under the policy that Mercer County Ambulance has, those who do not take insurance through them receive $300 in supplement pay. This was described by board members as a kind of “reward” as to not taking insurance through the ambulance.
Conversation broke out about the supplement pay, with everyone talking at once. With the newest full-time hire to the ambulance, Synder pointed out that the numbers in front of them should be higher because of the new employee also not taking their health insurance.
By not taking the health insurance, it would be $300 monthly, equaling to one employee receiving $3,600 a year. Currently three employees opt out of the ambulance’s insurance, which accumulates to the ambulance paying more than $10,000 to those employees annually.
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