July 30, 2014

Andersons take home top prize

By Chris Erickson

Last year’s fourth place finishers got another chance to hit the stage this during this year’s Dakota Walleye Classic.
Colton and Cody Anderson, brothers from Minot, took home $12,000 and first place bragging rights this year after a modest first day and big second day. To do so they had to beat 179 other teams during the maximum capacity tournament, as well as second day weather that was too much for some teams.
While Friday provided a perfect day for the first day of the DWC’s 19th year, Saturday’s nasty winds kicked up waves that had about 40 teams call it a day by noon. That weather contributed significantly to what was being caught - 1,434.24 pounds of Walleye came in from anglers on Friday, with teams bringing in only 709.19 pounds by the end of Saturday’s fishing.
Colton and Cody contributed about 34 pounds of that. Their total fish weight reverses their daily luck last year, which had a strong showing of just over 20 pounds the first day and slightly more than 10 the second. This year the duo came away from the first day with five fish weighing just over 13 pounds, and five more weighing just over 20 pounds their second day out on the lake. Their two day combined weight of 34.25 was two and a half pounds above the second place team of Brian Merkel and Tom Beaton.
According to Colton, the biggest challenge was just getting where they needed to be. After 10 years of fishing together seriously in tournaments, they proved they had the patience to get the top prize.
“The wind was moving the fish around, so we had to move around to find them,” Colton said.

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