January 13, 2016

Another step forward for Civeo Corp. crew lodge

By Daniel Arens

Despite several concerns and details that still need hashing over, the Mercer County Commission approved a temporary use permit for Civeo Corporation’s proposed man camp near Beulah.
This crew lodge would be located north of Highway 200, east of the agronomy center. The site is located on areas where mining work has been done in the past.
The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Board approved the initial permit for the camp, moving the permit discussion to the county commission for final approval. However, the P&Z board placed several specifications on the permit as part of the approval.
These stipulations include boring holes in the area due to the previous mine work, protecting property adjacent to the site, subjecting the site to a bed tax, coordinating road issues with the county, receiving a final review by the P&Z board before operations are undertaken, and addressing busing as a possible means of transportation.
Beside the logistics of the camp itself, questions were raised about the boring, as well as discussion about bed taxes to generate revenue for the county. P&Z recommended a series of holes be drilled in various directions from the proposed site, but several attendees at the meeting felt that the number of holes was excessive. At least four holes would need to be drilled, and recommendations were that the county commission consider a number between this bare minimum and the large number recommended by P&Z. There were also discussions about receiving N.D. State Health Department recommendations on the number of holes, and checking to see how many were drilled at the neighboring agronomy center.
P&Z Chairman Dwight Berger noted the reasons for the board’s decision regarding the number of holes, requesting, “If there is going to be a lessening of recommendations, I would like it to come back to (the P&Z board).”

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