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May 10, 2017

Apparently signs are hard

By Kate Johnson

The transfer station clearly displays signage as to the do’s and don’t’s of dumping after hours. They have two spots. One is strictly for branches, and the other is for grass clippings.
Where grass clippings are allowed to be dumped, the sign states that bags of grass are prohibited. Where they allow branches, the signage clearly states “no garbage.”
According to Beulah City Auditor Heather Ferebee, the transfer station costs more than $90,000 annually, with costs due to property expenses, contract hauling, and payroll. Cost for hauling ashes to the landfill varies: in 2015, $3,586; and in 2016, $8,334. Currently the city is charged $31 per ton.
The transfer station’s revenue varies yearly. In 2016 its revenue was $13,000, and in 2015 it was $16,000. There is some revenue for recycling; however, that is canceled out because of the cost of employees hauling the recyclables to Minot.


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