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December 21, 2016

Approving water meter rate increase

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

A water increase was tabled at the last Beulah City Council meeting due to the question of whether commercial water meter readers would increase in the same or a different amount. The motion on the table was an increase of $3 for water meter readers across the board.
After further research, Councilman Brant Keller presented the increases as follows: 5/8’’ & 1’’, increased by $3; 1.5’’ & 2’’, R2 Meter, increase by $7; 1.5’’ & 2’’, C2 Meter, increased by $15; and 3’’, C2 Meter, increased by $20.
According to the City Auditor Heather Ferebee, there are only 21 known meters that will be above the $3 rate increase within the city. However, she did note that number may not be accurate and there could be more.
“We have one of the 3’’ C2 [increase of $20] and right now one of those new would cost $1,161,” said Ferebee.
Councilman Travis Frey looked for clarification on the rate increases. He was informed the increases were built off of the payback for meters over time, and compared to their original $3 increase for the standard household water meter readers.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke commented that the council had to remember it would be a loan.
“Also, remember these rates have to pay back that load,” he said.

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