May 18, 2016

Athletic Department looks to fix debt

By Kate Johnson

The athletic director updated the Beulah School Board with the athletic department’s current $60,000 deficit. However, plans for the department’s future were presented as well.
Carl Blackhurst, Beulah’s athletic director, has held the position for one year. Chairwoman Stacee McLaughlin inquired just what the deficit was when Blackhurst took the job. Blackhurst and Superintendent Loren Scheer estimated the program was already in a $50,000 deficit at that time.
Currently athletic seasons are still going with teams who will be advancing to state, so those dollars will continue add up. Blackhurst estimated by the end of the year the athletic department will be $70,000 in the red.
“We’re predicting a total spending for the year to be around $70,000,” says Blackhurst. “We still have those outstanding bills that include umpire fees, entrance fees for tournaments, travel, hotels...all that stuff.”
Blackhurst presented that he and his right-hand, Belinda Suter, have been working on the athletic department’s budget, breaking down what each team needs to function. They mentioned they went back and audited the past five years and attempted to develop a working budget. Blackhurst told the board that they have a rough idea of what they would spend and got very close.
“I had Carl [Blackhurst] and Belinda [Suter] put a dollar amount into each of the sports and activities so that we could have something to begin with and monitor year after year, to really get a hold of this budget, and I think they have done a great job,” said Superintendent Scheer.
Blackhurst reported to the board with what he’s found -- the athletic department could successfully work off of a $70,000 budget, discussing that $70,000 would cover from Math Olympics to varsity football.
“I think the $70,000 is a pretty reasonable budget based on the fact the $56,000 budget amount they received for many, many years,” says Superintendent Scheer.

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