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July 22, 2010

Backed-up creek southwest of Beulah puts home in distress


Throughout its 104 years on the North Dakota prairie, Casey and Julie Voigt’s home has withstood everything that Mother Nature could throw at it.

Her latest trick, however, could very well be its final undoing.

Casey and Julie, along with their children Leah, 14, and Lane, 5, live about seven miles southwest of Beulah on a ranch along Coyote Creek. Normally a pleasant, trickling stream, the creek is significantly deeper near the Voigts’ home this summer – thanks to a mass of earth that slid down a large hill near their home this spring, blocking the channel. The tons of dirt have acted as a dam, creating a reservoir of sorts behind their home and rerouting the stream through their ranch yard, buildings and corrals.

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