July 18, 2018

Basin Electric offers voluntary separation

By Kate Johnson

Basin Electric Power Cooperative has laid off approximately 25 probationary employees throughout their North Dakota locations – Dakota Gasification Company and Antelope Valley Station.
Over the course of the last year Basin has been looking for ways to cut costs; however, recent financial projections showed that they needed to do more at the current time.
They implemented plans to remedy this reduction by laying off employees throughout their North Dakota and Wyoming locations, as well as offering all of their employees a “Voluntary Separation Plan.”
Like it states, this plan is completely voluntary and any employee can choose to take part in the program.
Curt Pearson, Basin Electric director of communications, explained that the plan is, in his opinion, generous. He said it is something they encouraged all employees to talk to their families about, financial advisers or even their lawyers – because it is a contract they would sign.
The program offers something for everyone but does have better benefits for those who have more years of service to Basin.
Pearson said this is not the first time that Basin has been through something like this and their goal is to always be responsible to their cooperative members.

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