November 2, 2016

Bayview Heights requests county help

By Daniel Arens

Despite the need for making budget cuts in the county government, there are groups within Mercer County that have their own costs and needs, and desire the help of the county in meeting those costs and needs.
Luanna Fisketjon, Bayview Heights subdivision, spoke with the Mercer County Commission, providing the commissioners with a map of the area and listing the names of owners. She noted that Bayview Heights is not a typical subdivision because the development was started as a Corps of Engineers project. For this reason, Fisketjon said that Corps regulations prohibit Bayview Heights from shutting down public access to the area.
Public use of the main road in the development has brought forward the need for road repairs. Fisketjon maintained that the county should help shoulder some of that cost, because the road is used by the public as well as subdivision residents and cabin owners.
Fisketjon also said that local taxes from Bayview Heights had increased from $63,000 in 2014 to $81,000 in 2015, and that the subdivision should see help from the county in exchange for its increased tax contribution.
“I know where you are financially, but I know what we pay as well,” Fisketjon said.


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