August 19, 2015

Beulah goes back to school

By Kate Johnson

School is right around the corner and kids, parents, and teachers are itching for it to start. Principals throughout all three of our Beulah Schools sang the same tune of excitement, which is coursing through their veins for the first day of school.
“It’s my favorite time of year,” said Beulah Middle School Principal Stacy Murschel.
“Teachers are refreshed and ready to go,” Beulah Elementary School Principal, Amber Skalsky said. “New beginnings for everybody,” said Kevin Hoherz, Beulah High School principal.
After a long hot summer students are ready to get back to their friends, school activities, and class – in that order. Teachers as well as students are refreshed, ready to learn and grow.

Beulah Elementary School brought in five new hires, Beulah High School added five new teachers of their own, and Beulah Middle School brought in two new members to their teaching team.
Beulah Elementary School is predicting an outstanding year. “I think it’s going to be great,” Skalsky said, “I think we have a lot of changes, but it’s a lot of positive changes.”
Skalsky has full confidence in her new staff to bring fresh faces and new ideas to their school. Beulah Elementary School has an open, loving, kind and relaxed culture to it, and Skalsky says it is important for her staff to foster those ideals.
Having ages kindergarten through grade four brings lots of excitement for the first day of school, with kindergarteners having a combination of excitement and nerves. Skalsky says they make the first day a big deal for all new and returning students by decorating the front doors.  Laughing with a smile, Skalsky says “the kids are just so excited,” adding quickly afterward that the students have “smiles and they are so excited for their new supplies and backpacks, just the novelty of the first day.”

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