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March 16, 2016

Beulah officer assaulted at Cobblestone

By Kate Johnson

Beulah City Police Officer Kurt Zazeski was allegedly assaulted by Dawson Tarbell of Beulah March 9. Tarbell was charged with the crime of Simple Assault on a Peace Officer.
The criminal complaint stated, “That the said Defendant did then and there willfully cause bodily injury to a peace officer acting in an official capacity, which the Defendant knew to be a fact, in that the Defendant hit Beulah City Police Officer Kurt Zazeski about the head and face area with a Gatorade bottle and his fists several times, causing Officer Zazeski to sustain injuries to his head and face, including outs and a concussion, as well as physical pain.”
The affidavit read that Zazeski was responding to 911 call made from the Cobblestone Hotel.
According to the affidavit, Zazeski noticed Tarbell seemed agitated, incoherent, and fidgety, and his eyes were very wide. Tarbell moving toward the officer and backed him into a corner of the lobby between the two doors.
According to the affidavit “subject reared back with his left hand and struck [Zazeski] in the face.” Zazeski stated he backed his right side into the corner to protect his gun. The subject then delivered another blow to Zazeski’s head.
The individual delivered three more punches to Officer Zazeski, one to the side of his face and two to the head.
According to the affidavit, “Officer Zazeski was eventually able to use his taser on the subject which stopped the attack and the subject, who then ran out of the hotel. The wires from the taser cartridge landed on Officer Zazeski’s hand and began to shock him.”
At this time Zazeski moved inside the hotel to create separation, said the affidavit, allegedly Zazeski then observed the subject in the parking lot where he followed and drew his service weapon, then advised Tarbell to stop.  Tarbell complied.
Zazeski was taken by ambulance to Sakakawea Medical Center, Hazen. He sustained a cut to his left ear, two cuts to the left side of his head, and a grade one concussion.

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