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January 4, 2017

Beulah officially in a snow emergency

By Jarann Johnson.
It’s official the City of Beulah is in a Snow Emergency. Beulah Mayor Darrell Bjerke didn’t waste time explaining why he wanted to declare a Snow Emergency for Beulah at Monday night’s city council meeting.
“We need to declare a snow emergency and you might be saying, well that’s pretty darn obvious. It is a legal requirement and I don’t know if we are prepared to do that tonight. But I wanted it on here [the agenda] because we talked about using emergency funds,” Bjerke continued.
“Two things when we talk about emergency funds – one is our own [emergency fund], which I understand we can’t touch unless we have a declaration of a snow emergency. Second of all we need that should the State of North Dakota, during this up and coming legislation, allow some funding for cities to pay for snow removal. I wanted it on the agenda so it wasn’t forgotten then I found out that it’s even more important and a legal requirement to access our emergency funding.”

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