December 18, 2013

Beulah PD: Be aware of street parking ordinance, speed limit

By Chris Erickson

The old rule is one that is in place all year long, but typically only enforced in the winter when city crews need to navigate city streets to clear snow. Specifically, it’s an ordinance that requires vehicles to be moved if they’ve set in one place for too long, in this case: two days.
Police Chief Frank Senn said once one of these bright green stickers is placed on a vehicle, the vehicle must be moved within 48 hours.
“If the vehicle is there after 48 hours, it could be cited and towed,” he said. Senn noted that the 48 hours meant 48 hours, although he understood that extenuating circumstances could exist.
The tow/impound stickers are green and self-adhesive. If placed, officers will attach them in a conspicuous place such as an antenna or driver’s side window.
“In the past we would place a piece of paper underneath a windshield wiper but that could go unnoticed,” Senn added. “This is designed to keep our streets open. It’s a courtesy to your neighbors to get the cars off so the plows can come through and clean there.”


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