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May 6, 2015

Beulah seeing positive movement on two development projects

Beulah mayor Darrell Bjerke voiced his enthusiasm for the future of two development projects in Beulah, thanking the city council for their patience and support while the up and down process has been in the works.
At the regular meeting Monday night, the council approved a revised plat for the Barton Estates, formerly referred to as Tumbleweed Addition, along with direction to the city attorney to begin work on a special assessment project which would have lot owners subject to paying for some infrastructure work, to include curb, gutter and streets.
Developer Brett Charvat has a developer’s agreement with the city and will become owner of the property when the escrow account is funded and water and sewer are installed to the projected 26 lots in the development.
A second development, which has been stalled for months since the city and developer Nadir Torres encountered issues with the Terra Nova project on Third Ave., is expected to get new life this week. The city is working on an agreement with a new developer, Owen Voigt, to complete the 23 lots platted there. At the Monday meeting it was disclosed that Voigt is working with Torres on a series of matters aimed at clearing up legal and financial issues related to the development. Progress on that was expected as early as Tuesday of this week.

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