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March 21, 2018

Beulah student receives Gold Key

By Kate Johnson

A summer class assignment turned into an award winning essay.
Yazmyn Azure, a junior at Beulah High School, is unique to her classmates in a few different ways. She, like her parents, is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s. However, Yazmyn spent her first 11 years growing up in a “white” neighborhood.
When she was on the brink of 12 years-old, her family moved onto the reservation. Yazmyn said it was then she was deemed “different” than the people on the reservation, as well as, being different from those in her previous “white” neighborhood.
Being an advanced student and having a love for math and science, Yazmyn submitted an application in hopes to be accepted into a program called Mathematics & Science for Minority Students in Andover, Mass, which takes place at the campus of Phillips Academy. At the time, she and her friend applied for the program; however, only Yazmyn was accepted.
She said she thought about not going because of the fear of being so far away from home. Nonetheless, she overcame it and decided to go anyway. The program is three consecutive summers of five weeks.

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