November 22, 2016

Beulah students reach musical heights

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s music students continue to grow further than Mercer County. Seven students recently were chosen to take part in the Northwest Honor Band and Choir Festival that was held at Minot State University.
Beulah directors Antoine Poitras and Phillip Voeller were accompanied by Beulah students Michael Schmidt, Emily Wenning, Kylee Cline, Riley Macgillivray, Ashley Steffenson, Kenzie Opdahl, and Dayton Fiddler.
Students were given audition materials to be a part of one of the choirs and/or the band. Students were to prepare those materials and send in a recorded audition. Poitras explained the amount of work each student puts in for the preparations. They put in one-on-one time with their director as well as practicing at home on their own. The students can audition for four different areas: Nova Choir (grades 8-9), high school women’s choir, high school mixed choir, and band. Each choir carries approximately 60-80 singers, and the band carries 100 performers.


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