April 23, 2014

Beulah talks economic development

Growth and growing pains were two topics heard this past week that had the Beulah City Council looking forward.
Economic Development Director John Phillips updated the council on some long-standing projects that were progressing in the city, as well as some new ones.
“The motel project that’s proposed for Beulah has equity in place,” he said. “For all practical purposes the president of the company is comfortable with local equity that was raised and the equity available for the project. The next step is he will be calling the individual investors in the project.”
Phillips stated that a site would likely be determined by the end of the month. The original site near the funeral home had become the second choice to a site on 22nd St. The switch, Phillips said, had come around due to land prices.
Phillips moved on in development business, noting that Challenger Industries would be growing - not only would they have the largest warehouse in Mercer County soon, but the company’s employment pool was growing as well.
Phillips also spoke on the lack of housing in the area, noting that he had recently met with energy industry representatives who all had the same problem: limited housing was making it difficult for them to hire new employees.


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