May 14, 2014

Beulah updated on Knife River bridge

By Chris Erickson

Proposed bridge work was detailed last week when representatives from the North Dakota Department of Transportation came to town.
The work in question was focused on the Highway 49 bridge over the Knife River on Beulah’s south side, and would coincide with the upgrades being done to the highway currently scheduled for next year.
According to the DOT, the bridge project would include widening the Knife River channel slightly, extending and widening the bridge structure, dismantling the current walking bridge and relocating the approach to Riverside Park and the Black Sands Golf Course.
The reason given by the DOT for having an updated auto and pedestrian bridge was to maintain a higher capacity flow through the bridge. To do that the channel needed to be widened as well. The proposal had to make it longer and wider, as well as incorporating the multi-use trail into the bridge. The agency plans to utilize a temporary bypass for vehicles and temporary trail to convey pedestrians during construction.

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