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June 12, 2019

Beulah Water Park is now open

Beulah Water Park is now open

By Kate Johnson

Beulah Water Park made a splash during their opening this week.
With the events that transpired during last year’s pool season and the haste to wrap up repairs this spring, the pool opened only a week late of its typical time frame.
Management was crossing their fingers and holding their breath that they could successfully open June 10, and they did just that.
Ashley Nordstrom was hired as the Beulah Water Park’s manager. This is her first year as the pool’s manager, and she is eager to bring on the parent and patron perspective to how the pool operates.
Alongside her is long-time pool employee Abrielle Schantz. This is Schantz’s second summer as an assistant manager, and she is excited to have Nordstrom as an addition to the pool management team.

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