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November 21, 2017

Beulah’s water deemed safe

By Kate Johnson

It has been a topic for a few weeks now that Beulah’s water treatment plant will be stopping softening the city’s water due to the switchover.
The plant has been under construction as they switch the process from lime-softening to reverse osmosis. As it nears time to make that switchover, engineers and Beulah water plant employees are commissioning the new process -- testing the new systems.
The water plant has yet to stop softening Beulah’s water (as of press time) and is still functioning as a lime-softening process. Project Manager Jim Sepp, Moore Engineering, said they plan to transfer the plant over to reverse osmosis in the next week or two; however he could not give an exact date as to when that will occur.
During the transition period, Sepp said they will be producing water that is softened and not softened.
He explained that softening water is for aesthetic purposes; water does not have to be softened to be considered safe.
The harder water is due to the extra minerals in the water which can be felt to the touch.

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