August 9, 2017

BHS makes major replacements

By Kate Johnson

After a roof assessment was compete the Beulah School Board was told they are lucky they didn’t have water leaking onto their gym floor.
When Superintendent Travis Jordan was hired he said the topic that kept coming up was the boilers. This stemmed his idea of building a 10-year plan so that he and the school board would know what kinds of maintenance they were looking at for their future.
Although the report didn’t have the boiler needing replacement for another few years, events that took place during the winter of 2016 shuffled their needs.
“The boiler wasn’t put on for this summer, but we had some issues with the boiler in the winter where we lost heat a couple nights. We needed to do something ASAP so we moved that up,” said Jordan.
The 10-year plan -- which was compiled by Consolidated Construction -- was unable to make an assessment on the district’s roofs until the snow had vacated them. When spring came around and the assessment was made possible Consolidated moved forward with its assessment.
What they discovered was the roof that lies over the gymnasium of the Beulah High School is in severe shape and in need of replacement.

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