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October 16, 2013

Board of Education approves budget

Board of Education approves budget
By Chris Erickson

Beulah’s Board of Education voted unanimously to approve this year’s expenditure and revenue budgets early last week.
Superintendent Todd Kaylor led discussion on the topic by noting which numbers had shifted this year in the expenditure side of things. After an explanation on how that had increased slightly the board moved to accept the expenditure report.
On the revenue side of things, changes in such places as Ag Education, Family and Consumer Sciences both showed slight increases and Office Education showing a slight decrease.
“Despite our increase in taxable valuation, we’re going to be projecting a deficit of $360,412.67 versus last year’s at this time of $326,539.12,” Kaylor noted. “The finance committee and the board have talked about this extensively. Between the committee and the administration we feel comfortable with the risk of a short-term deficit of this amount considering the conservative nature of our budget process and also coupled with the interim fund balance.”
The board then moved to unanimously accept the revenue budget before moving on to the certificate of levy, which was also unanimously approved. The board had to discuss the topic earlier than planned in order to get the necessary filings into the state.
Next up was discussion on the Imagination Library, specifically commendations from the administration toward the group running the program. Board director Stacee McLaughlin, who serves on that committee, said there were fundraisers coming up including a 5K and a grooup pinochle tournament.


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