April 15, 2015

Board of Education hears ‘Late Start’ model

By Chris Erickson

Although the lengthiest agenda item centered around insurance policies, the most debated at the last school board meeting involved changing up the times for teacher professional development.
During the Beulah Board of Education’s regular April meeting, Superintendent Todd Kaylor spoke about the proposed change in his administrative report, noting that the current “early out” time was typically held periodically and provided teaching staff with time during the school day to complete mandatory training.
As proposed, the Wednesday morning “Late Start Model” would be based off a similar plan currently in place in Rugby Public Schools. Kaylor noted that early outs provided professional learning time on Mondays at the elementary school, and as scheduling allowed at the middle and high schools. He said the administrative team looked at Rugby’s model, which called for professional learning time on Wednesdays.
After Kaylor introduced the proposal in his report, it was brought up again in later business. Board Directors Dwight Hatzenbuhler and Jordan Staloch provided the motion and second to get the topic to discussion, which touched on pros and cons including how it could negatively affect parents’ schedules.
Board Director Stacee McLaughlin said she felt it would be a bad idea, since it would be a difficult adjustment for many parents to make after they’d already begun their work days. Kaylor responded that it would be consistent every Wednesday, which would allow parents to regularly schedule around it.
“I think the big thing is to get some community input and to communicate with our parents of our young people of how this will work with their schedules,” Kaylor said. “This isn’t set in stone, it’s the first step toward doing it.”

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