August 16, 2017

Building remodel for future bakery

By Kate Johnson

Construction has begun in a building on Main Street, downtown Beulah. The building is referred to as the “burned out” building because of the fire it had several years ago which made it uninhabitable.
The Beulah Jobs Development Authority partnered with B’Dolce’s Bakery to see their Main Street business dream become reality.
“Lots of people are really excited for it,” said JDA Secretary John Phillips.
Western Steel Builders are the lead contractors for the renovation that is estimated to last three months. Phillips explained that Bonnie and Mark Nies own the building; Beulah JDA is coordinating the project and putting everything together for construction.
Phillips said that it is a flex-based interest buy down which will be approximately $25,000 to $30,000 -- he was unsure of final numbers at press time. Phillips said that number will become more concrete at the end of the project. The project renovation will cost approximately $249,000.


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