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December 18, 2008

Businessman requests cap on licenses

Nite Owl Bar owner Ted Eickman returned to the Beulah City Council Monday night to formally proposed that the city place a cap on the number of liquor licenses that can operate within the city.

At this time, after the approval of a liquor license to Bronson’s Super Valu at the Dec. 1 council meeting, the city has seven various liquor license permits. In addition, the Black Sands Golf Course operates with a liquor license from Mercer County. There is also a license that was connected to the recently closed Looney Bin Lounge.

The current city ordinance approved in 1972 states that there is no cap on such licensing if the city’s population remains over 2,100. According to the latest U.S. Official Census, Beulah’s population is recorded at 3,152, city auditor Linda Wiedrich said.

At the Dec. 1 council meeting, Eickman was one of several local owners of establishments that serve alcohol that appeared to discuss the approval of the permit to Bronson’s Super Valu.

Monday night Eickman quoted population figures that he said were found on the Internet that were lower. The council, however, is restricted to using the official census numbers.

"Eight licenses in a town of this size is enough as it is to make a go of it," Eickman said.

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