March 7, 2018

Canceled or closed

By Kate Johnson

Canceled and closed were words repeated throughout Beulah on Monday as businesses closed for the day.
Coal Country Community Health Clinic, Beulah Fit Club, Beulah schools, and many other businesses decided to not open or at least close early.
As the day progressed, so did the weather. Mercer County Sheriff’s department sent out a Facebook notice advising people to stay off the roads, which they updated throughout the day Monday. They repeatedly told people there was a “no travel advised” label across Mercer County and Oliver County. Even going as far to simply tell people “please try and not drive at this time.”
The caution was due to icy road conditions and blowing and drifting snow that reduced visibility for drivers. This caution even carried into Tuesday morning advising that people wait until their streets or roads get plowed before leaving home.
Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, Detective Mark Schmitt said that as for accidents within the county they had none reported. The only potential accident call received was a pick-up on its side near Pick City; however, there was no one in the vehicle or on scene.

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