October 21, 2015

Capital Lodge’s response to permit

By Kate Johnson

Capital Lodge’s Mike Boudreaux was in attendance at the most recent city council meeting, held Monday, Oct 19. City Council members were at a low attendance, but still had enough for a quorum. Brant Keller, Kathy Kelsch, Roger Gazur, and Travis Frey sat in their regular seats as Clyde Schulz took the chairman position in Mayor Darrell Bjerke’s absence. Boudreaux and the Capital Lodge facility he represents had issues with the amount of money being asked by the City of Beulah as bed tax and the length of time the permit was issued for. After the Oct. 5 city Council meeting, it was voted that the bed tax would be $600 and the permit would only be good for one year. The bed tax is an annual fee paid by Capital Lodge at the beginning of each year. Bed taxes throughout North Dakota fall into the $200 to $400 range, with $400 being on the high end. Boudreaux addressed the $600 amount to the council members said they cannot pay that cost and would be willing, as more fair, to pay $200 in bed tax.
Capital Lodge also disagreed with the permit only being issued for one year and asked it be changed to three years.
“We were approved for one year, we would like to have a three-year. The qualifications of the permit are that it can be terminated for cause at any day,” Boudreaux reasoned with council members. “The notions of the annual inspections would be the same, but the economic impact of what we are trying to put on this property, it’s prudent that we have a show of trust and the opportunity be there for more than one year.”
Gazur disagreed with the desired changes Capital Lodge requested council make.
“I would be willing to support a reduction to $400 but not $200,” Gazur said. “And, as far as extending the length of permit, no.”
Keller asked Boudreaux the question of how many beds they currently plan on bringing in.
“When you first presented it you said 500, 600, 700 beds – are we talking 300 now?” asked Keller. Boudreaux responded with that their “initial request would be for 300 beds,” continuing to discuss that number as it still had potential to rise. However, if numbers were to rise for only a short period of time Capital Lodge wouldn’t accommodate those numbers unless on the Gasification Plant’s dollar.

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