July 1, 2010

Care for every student highlights Lyson’s career

When Center-Stanton school board member Chris Christianson was a junior at Washburn High School, his boys basketball team was ranked No. 2 in the state. During the regular season Washburn defeated Parshall by 20 or more points. During the regional tournament, however, a young Royal Lyson sunk 20 of 21 free-throw attempts to send his team to the state tournament. Parshall made only six field goals throughout the entire game.

That was the first time Christianson and Lyson met but they stayed connected when Lyson eventually married one of Christianson’s classmates. Now nearly 40 years from that fateful meeting, Christianson is once again seeing a fundamental school moment pass. After 25 years in the education field, Lyson is retiring this month from his position as the Center-Stanton superintendent.

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