June 13, 2018

CCCHC expansion project on track and on budget

By Kate Johnson

On track and on budget is something every project likes to hear. Darrold Bertsch CEO of Coal Country Community Health Clinic says their expansion project for their clinic in Beulah is still both of those things.
Even though it is still fairly early in the project Bertsch said they have had obstacles set them back a day but construction seems to always get back on track.
Nor-Son Construction is the general contractor for the project, with EAPC as the architects and the Corval Group overseeing the project. The project is set to cost $7.5 million.
Construction has dug down and hit an issue with the soil as it was too wet because of the water table. The project called for rock to be laid and sheeting in order to build the sturdiness of the base of the building.
The issue was mitigated which took a few extra days but construction made those lost days up with the concrete they poured for footings and foundation. Currently the have begun to erect steel.

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